Frequently Asked Questions


Email is the best way to get in touch: (Please do not message me regarding order or business inquiries via social media.) 

Order and business inquiries are answered within 24 hours, Monday - Friday. If contacting over the weekend or holiday, please allow for the next business day for a reply.


I emailed / DMed / PMed you but never received a response. Why?

I truly value all of my customers and appreciate you getting in touch with me.

Please know, email is always the best way to get a response, as I'm not able to keep up with direct and personal messages on social platforms. 

Customer inquiries regarding placed orders always take priority and will receive a response ASAP.

When it comes to all other emails, I do my best to respond to as many as I can. If you did not receive a response, it's because the answer to your question is already here on this website, my weekly newsletter, or it can easily be "Googled". 

Thank you for understanding! 


How do updates work?

Updates generally take place on, Fridays @ 5pm EST, unless otherwise noted. Occasionally I will offer "International-Friendly" updates on Saturdays @ 10am ET. 

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I always post when the next update will be at the top of the homepage. You can also subscribe the weekly newsletter to be informed about what color ways and bases to expect in each update. 


How does checkout work?

Please know, Voolenvine Yarns is a small business. While I dye as much yarn as I can every week, stock quantities are still limited and happen to sell out very quickly!

If you don’t see any yarn for sale, I am sold out.

I always recommend creating an account with the site and signing in a few moments prior to an update to make checkout faster to prevent “cart-jacking”.


Do you take custom orders?

Regretfully, I cannot accept custom orders at this time, or in the foreseeable future. No exceptions.


Where else can I purchase Voolenvine Yarns?

Voolenvine Yarns is sold exclusively through this website. It is not available for to purchase wholesale, in yarn shops, festivals, or anywhere else online. 

De-stashing my yarns through fair trade or non-profit is acceptable. However, it is forbidden to purchase Voolenvine Yarns for resale or auction without my express consent. 


Do you reserve listings?

In fairness to all customers, listings cannot be reserved. All items are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Do you take colorway requests?

Please do not ask if/when I will be dyeing specific colorways, as I receive quite a few of these emails. I dye colorways seasonally and depending on current popularity. If you'd like to know what to expect in an update, please subscribe to my weekly newsletter for all the insider details!


Can I pick-up my order from you in person / at an event? 

I'm sorry, no. Orders placed via this website must be shipped. 

I'm visiting from outside of the US. If I place an order, is it possible to ship it to my hotel/accommodations? 

Absolutely! Please email me to know when you will be in town and we'll try to best to work something out. :)


What do you use to dye your yarn?

Professional acid dyes and citric acid are used to dye on ethically sourced wool. After yarn has been dyed, it's rinsed with lukewarm water and an unscented, gentle detergent. 


Where is your yarn dyed?

Voolenvine Yarns is dyed in a dedicated studio in my home. Yarn for sale is stored in a clean, dry, smoke, and pet-free space.


Where do you get your yarn, dyes, and other supplies from?

All of my yarns are ethically sourced from reputable, cruelty-free farms and mills around the world. 

While I'm always excited to hear from people who have been inspired to dye yarn, I never disclose my suppliers, tools, and techniques, as they are unique to my brand. Please do not ask.



Do you have any yarn care recommendations?

While superwash yarns are machine-washable, hand washing is always best. 

I recommend hand washing knitted items separately, using lukewarm water and a gentle detergent. Always, always, air dry. Your projects will last much longer!


When I soak a project, knit from your yarn, it bleeds a little. Is this normal?

All of my colorways are guaranteed colorfast. However, some bleeding of excess dye may occur, especially with red, purple, magenta, or blue-based colorways. Don't worry — this is normal! 

However, I do not recommend knitting these colorways together with lighter ones. Always knit a swatch and wash it to see if the lighter colorway will be affected.

You can also try using color-catchers to prevent bleeding during the soaking process.

As with all hand-dyed yarns, it's always a good idea to rinse your project (separately) with a gentle detergent in lukewarm water for the first few washings. If you notice any bleeding, repeat this process as necessary until water runs clear.



Do you wholesale?

Thank you very much for your interest, however Voolenvine Yarns is not available for wholesale at this time, or in the foreseeable future.  

It is also forbidden to purchase Voolenvine Yarns for resale, without my express consent. 


Are you available for trunk shows?

With regret, Voolenvine Yarns is not available for trunk shows at this time or in the foreseeable future.


Do you vend at any fiber events?

At this time Voolenvine Yarns does not vend at any fiber events. 


Do you want to collaborate?

Collaboration can be a beautiful thing, and I'm always honored when other makers reach out wanting to join creative forces. Regrettably, I am unable to commit to any collaborations at the moment. Thank you so much for thinking of me! 



I placed multiple orders. Can you combine them to save me the extra shipping costs?

Due to the high volume of orders received, the additional shipping costs for multiple orders cannot be refunded. 


I received a shipment notification, but when I check the tracking info on the USPS website, there is no data. Where is my stuff?

When you receive a shipment notification, your item has been packaged and stamped. It will be collected by the post office later or the following day.

Please allow 1-3 days for tracking info to appear on the USPS website. Unfortunately, orders being shipped internationally cannot be tracked after they have left the US.


I placed an order from outside the US. Can you mark my package as a “gift” so I can save on customs fees?

I understand International shipping fees can be outrageous! However, I must legally mark all international packages as “merchandise”.

The buyer is responsible for shipping costs and additional fees and taxes.

Please visit the terms & conditions page for more information regarding international orders.



Can you cake my order?

Unfortunately I am no longer offering this service. 


I started caking / balling my yarn, but now it's become a tangled mess! Can I get a replacement skein?

Skeins are tied in several spots during the dye/drying process to prevent tangles. I remove all these ties with the exception of two before skeining and labeling.

Single-ply bases may have the appearance of being tangled, because of it's nature to kink-up on itself. This should not be cause for concern.

Please untwist and wind your skeins carefully!

Voolenvine Yarns does not offer replacements / refunds for any snags or tangles that may occur in the caking or balling process. 


I purchased more than one skein of the same colorway, but they look slightly different. What's going on?

When it comes to all hand-dyed yarns, each skein is truly unique. Skeins of the same colorway are never identical, and their intensity varies from batch to batch. They're a work of art! 

If you order more than one skein of a particular colorway, on the same day, I do my best to ship skeins from the same batch, so they closely match.

However, I always recommend alternating between two skeins, every few rows, to avoid pooling, flashing, or a sudden shift of color.